Dr. Eric Berg

Dr. Eric Berg is an inspiring figure in nutrition and health with a remarkable life story. He found himself saddled with various chronic illnesses and decided to investigate the science of nutrition to figure out how to improve his health.
His extensive research led him to develop new insights about healthful eating, prompting him to transition from full-time chiropractic work to teaching his methods to other medical professionals. This was followed by a stint as an associate professor at Howard University and eventually publishing two books: The 7 Principles of Fat Burning (2006) and The Healthy Keto Diet (2019), which became an Amazon bestseller.
Throughout his journey, Dr. Berg has inspired countless individuals worldwide, as he proves what’s possible when taking control over one’s health and well-being through proper nutrition and diet understanding. His passionate dedication to creating a healthier world makes him an incredible example for us all for years to come.

Dr. Eric is a renowned nutrition expert whose primary mission is to empower individuals with the knowledge to take control of their health. He discovered himself suffering from chronic illnesses, so he decided to research nutrition science to discover how to improve his physical well-being.

His findings eventually led him to teach his methods and insights to other medical professionals, a career path that included time spent as an associate professor at Howard University. On top of this professional success, Dr. Berg also took it upon himself to share his knowledge with the world via a YouTube channel. He has since attracted over 18 million followers and 100 million monthly views!

Also, due to his increasing popularity, Dr. Berg developed a course on keto dieting and intermittent fasting designed for Keto Coaches all around the globe who wish to learn about proper nutrition and food habits for optimal health results. His actions reflect an unwavering commitment to helping others achieve balance in their lives by taking charge of their health.
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